A cosy home in the heart of Potts Point where crafted cocktails and locally sourced ingredients are just one part of the story.


The Legend


The story of Parsons Bar & Kitchen begins in 1929 when the suburbs of Darlinghurst and Woolloomooloo ran riot with bootleg alcohol, illegal drugs and prostitution. Tilly Devine and her razor gang ruled the streets with violence and intimidation and a criminal underworld prospered without impediment.

But from amongst the murky shadows of this brutal scene emerged a figure – more myth than man. People knew him simply as 'Mr. Parsons'. A symbol of hope, a friendly face amongst the chaos of Kellett Street. Always willing to welcome those in search of refuge from the daily struggle.

Today we continue to honour his philosophy.



A New Era


In 2014, brothers Nick and Joe van der Heide and partner Byron Dunn opened their patch of paradise on Sydney's infamous Kellett Street. Their vision was clear – to pay respect to the history of the location and at the same time offer up new and exciting food and drink to the local residents of Potts Point.

With decades of experience between them, and the addition of chef Daniele Sciara, Parsons Bar & Kitchen offers warm welcomes, exceptional service and a sumptuous seasonal menu. Built by hand, Parsons' bar presents cocktails and wine that have been equally as hand-crafted and hand-picked to excite. This is your new favourite location.


(02) 8540 6320

TUES | 5pm-10pm
WED-THU | 5pm-11pm
FRI-SAT | 5pm-Midnight